Q & A with Author, Miriam Kalamian, on Keto for Cancer

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You have a personal connection to the effects of keto and cancer. Can you tell us how you became involved in this fight?

MK:In 2004, we learned that our son had brain cancer. He was just four years old. First-line treatment, fourteen months of weekly chemo, didn't make a dent. Next, we put him through multiple surgeries followed by a clinical trial but nothing was stopping the relentless progression of his disease. We'd run out of options. Then I literally stumbled across Dr. Thomas Seyfried's work. He'd speculated that the ketogenic diet could slow the progression of cancer. His basic premise was that cancer uses a lot of glucose to fuel its growth, and a ketogenic diet would limit that supply. He tested this theory on mice implanted with an aggressive form of brain...
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