Quarterly Community Update September 2017


The quarterlyCommunity Update is our chance togive you a heads up aboutAIP community news, podcasts, video series, and local in-person meet-up groups. If you have started a local support group on Facebook (no pages please), send the link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will promote it!

Results Are In: First-Ever AIP Medical Study

After a year of waiting, the results of the first-ever medical study of the Autoimmune Protocol are out! And they are even better than we hoped. Read our summary here.Sneak peek: this proportion of participants with active IBD achieving clinical remission by week 6 [of the study] rivals that of most drug therapies for IBD.

All-New AIP Resources Page

We've been working hard on revamping our Resources page so we can better direct you to the books, resources and tools that have madeour AIP journeys easier. We're soexcited to unveil it!

Check out our list of the best kitchen tools, AIP cookbooks, podcasts, food purveyors, Hashi's resources, and so much more! Click here.

AIP Meetup Groups

Find a local networking group centered around the Autoimmune Protocol! Be advised that these are not disease-specific support groups, but are to facilitate in-person networking and support for those on or considering the Autoimmune Protocol. Each group has their own moderation and rules for membership, but generally they are private and supportive of those on their healing journeys. Know that this listing does not imply endorsement by Autoimmune Paleo, groups are not run by us, and your request to join and any information you may encounter in these groups is at your own risk.

If possible, please request membership in a group local to where you live - after all, the whole idea is to get together with others in your community who are facing similar challenges! Health coaches, practitioners, online marketers, and others trying to sell their products, know that many of these groups are well moderated and solicitation will not be tolerated. If there isn't a group near you, consider starting your own and letting us know about it on our contact page!


Western US:

Sacramento AIP Group

Portland AIP Group

Seattle AIP Group

SoCal AIP Group

NorCal AIP Group

Denver AIP Group

Boulder AIP Group

Fort Collins AIP Group

Alaska AIP Group

San Francisco Bay Area AIP Group

San Francisco AIP Group

San Diego AIP Group

Idaho AIP Group

Santa Cruz AIP Group

Northeastern US:

NE AIP Group


Upstate NY AIP Group

Philadelphia AIP Group

Pittsburgh/Southwestern Pennsylvania AIP Group

Vermont AIP Group

Connecticut AIP Group

Massachusetts AIP Group

Midatlantic AIP Group

Southeastern US:

Mid-Atlantic AIP Group

North + South Carolina AIP Group

Alabama AIP Group

Puerto Rico AIP Group

Atlanta AIP Group

East Tennessee AIP Group

NE Florida AIP Group

Midwestern US:

Ohio AIP Group

Chicago-Midwest AIP Group

Iowa AIP Group

Indianapolis/Central Indiana AIP Group

Minneapolis/St. Paul AIP Group

Kansas City AIP Group

St. Louis AIP Group

Oklahoma AIP Group

Southwestern US:


Central Texas AIP Group

Houston AIP Group

Arizona AIP Group

Northern New Mexico AIP Group


Canada AIP Group

Ottowa AIP Group

Vancouver B.C. AIP Group

Vancouver Island AIP Group


European AIP Group

Netherlands AIP Group

Belgium/Netherlands AIP Group

London AIP Group

UK AIP Group

Finland AIP Group

Germany AIP Group

Hungary AIP Group

France AIP Group

Spain AIP Group

AIP Info Europe

Bulgaria AIP Group

Israel AIP Group

Serbia/Bosnia/Croatia AIP Group

Croatia (and Neighboring Countries) AIP Group

Sweden AIP Group


Australia AIP Group

Egypt AIP Group

New Zealand AIP Group

South Africa AIP Group

Cayman Islands AIP Group

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